Superior Being 2.0

Our premium coaching program is designed for those who desire a personalized fitness journey. Working directly with the coach on a monthly basis, you'll have the opportunity to receive tailored exercise and meal plans that are specific to your goals. With access to your coach during work hours, you can receive assistance when you need it. Whether you're seeking guidance on proper form or help with making healthy food choices, our program and the individual attention and support necessary to achieve sustainable, long-term results

Plan Includes

  • Personalized Workouts and Meals ( Made by a licensed Nutritionist)

  • Advice on Supplements and Wellness Packs

  • Two Formal Catch Up Meetings a Month

  • Access To The Fitness Coach When Needed ( In App Text )

  • 90 Day Program

  • End Of Month Weigh In And Evaluation

  • Weight Loss Recipe E-Book

  • Daily Accountability From Coach and Assistant

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